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what i did on my flucation

Sunday, September 27th, 2009


One member of my family escaped the virus that held the rest of us hostage this week. And boy, was he ever proud of it. I guess he deserved to sit this one out since he is the kid with asthma, and has already had shingles in his short 13 years. But it sure is grating when he has his smug “I feel fine” smirk and reminds us every hour on the hour that he’s so amazed that he’s the only one who hasn’t gotten sick.

Do I sound bitter?

What I didn’t do: read a book. Not even one! My only outings were picking the well child up from school…no libraries or bookstores for me. I did read Time magazine cover to cover. You wouldn’t believe all the crap going on in the world.

What I did do: Walk around with a can of Lysol every day spraying everything, including the couch. I don’t even know if that works. I did it anyway.

Wash every linen I could on HOT.

Broke hearts when I reminded the sickies that if you miss school you don’t play computer.

Pimp fluids like my life depended on it.

Remind everyone that coughs and sneezes go in the crook of your arm (or a kleenex–aka roll of tp). I am not amused by the light speed breaking force and sound of your most impressive spewage.

Make-up-school-work week–here I come!