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fifteen for friday 7/10/09

Friday, July 10th, 2009

1.  With categories like Agent Blogs, Publishing Resources, and Fun for Writers, Writer’s Digest’s 101 Best Websites for Writers is a cornucopia of interesting and useful information.  Check it out here:

quesryshark2.…sometimes bordering on mean, always hilarious this blog takes apart actual query letters, revealing their weaknesses.  The coolest part is that a participant (chum, my term) can send a revised query letter and have it torn apart all over again.  Oh, and when the query finally becomes acceptable, it gets posted with praise.  By the way, the chum is a willing victim, having to send in their query letter for mauling.

3.  Hooray to Kelsey Timmerman for conjuring a long, and obviously well thought out (not to mention fast) response from the powers that be at the Indianapolis Zoo.

4.  I luv my new dishwasher.

5.  Writing a short story is taking wayyyyy longer than I thought it would.  How the heck do I end this thing?

6.  Does anyone else have a Dear Abby addiction?

7.  I was thinking about country music earlier this week.  I listened the genre for awhile during  one of my “phases” as a teenager.  I kinda miss George Strait and Randy Travis, and even (I can’t believe I’m admitting this) Garth Brooks…’The Dance’ and ‘The Thunder Rolls’ people!  May have to investigate…lockandkey

8.  I’m thinking about purchasing a Slurpee machine…okay, not really…but man alive, they are goood.

9.  Man alive!  There are men alive in here!

10.  So I read Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen a few days ago.  It was my first Dessen novel, good read, I think I like her.

11.  How did all those turtles get on the runway anyway?

12.  Learning about how to get more traffic to my blog is really boring, like high school economics boring.

13.  Can’t help it, I have to mention the House of Grey podcast again.

14.  It is 103 degrees at 1:30 pm in Fort Worth, Texas…that’s outside, not in my oven.

15.  Whew! Made it again!

fifteen for friday 7/3/09

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

1.  Writing short stories is fun.


2.  I found a new site, that is REALLY cool and helpful.

3.  Getting traffic to my blog is a lot of work for little results (so far)…does anyone have any suggestions?

4.  I wonder why mattresses go on such deep discount for the Fourth of July…freedom=sleep?

5.  One week down from when I sent my full manuscript out to an agent…just seven more to go!

6.  Sometimes doctors are just as clueless as the rest of us and sometimes schools make the right decisions.  This is shockingly different from what I’ve believed for many years.

7.  One of our cats, Cally, likes to leave “presents” on our front porch things like bunny ears, a mouse tail or birds legs…he always eats the best part and I guess he thinks he’s being generous by giving us the leftovers.  Not that long ago I burst out laughing when I saw that he left us part of a hot dog.  I really hope he didn’t have the nerve to hunt it during the actual cook out, but I wouldn’t put it past him.

moreblog 0028.  It’s very nice to have the Bird home from camp, but it isn’t so great doing the laundry he brought with him.

moreblog 003

9.  I was going to put a pic of my dog on here, to prove that my dog is uglier.  That’s why we got her.  We went to the pound about 5 years ago in search of the most unadoptable dog in the place and chose our dear Lola.  When I looked at the pic though, I realized that she’s very photogenic.

10.  “Make it or Break it” is better than “Secret Life of the American Teenager” but not nearly as trashy…yet.


11.  I can’t help it, I thoroughly enjoyed “Princess Protection Program”.

12.  I have one minute to come up with 3 more things!!!

13.  Stuffed Salmon Bel Mar from Target it AMAZING…try some!

14. I wonder when I will watch a show or movie for adults…I just love the kid stuff so much…shout out to iCarly!

15.  This is number 15.

passion vs. prudence

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009
are synapses firing correctly in the thing that sits between these pink earbuds?

Are synapses firing correctly in the thing that sits between these pink earbuds?

Have you ever been at the mercy of someone who doesn’t have a plan?  Who maybe rambles on uselessly and seemingly endlessly?  It could be a green boss who doesn’t have an agenda in place before holding a meeting, or a PTA president who doesn’t fully understand the procedures of running a vote…someone who’s enthusiasm outweighs their preparation.  These two specific examples are not from my life…just so ya know.

The reason I’m thinking about a map with point A and point B, but no roads drawn between is because I’m afraid that I might be committing that little faux pas myself.  In my pursuit to become published, is my enthusiasm more developed than my plan?  If it is, is it a big deal?  I know I shouldn’t waste anyone’s time, but I think it might ruin the experience if I researched or studied too much (what is too much anyway?) before I jumped in.  Plus, for me there’s the fact that I’ve always been a person who learns by doing…and with that, by making mistakes.  Not the most efficient way to learn, it’s true, but the lessons I learn I tend never to forget.  And it’s not like I’m not studying as I go.

So here’s my detour–I’m trying a little short story writing hoping against all hope that what I produce will end up in a literary magazine and I will finally have a credit to my name.  I’ve read that being published just about anywhere will make it infinitesimally easier to catch an agent’s eye.  So I’m taking a tiny break from querying to write…which is really, really nice.