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catching the wave

Monday, October 12th, 2009


It was a couple of weeks ago when my husband told me about this new “wave thing” from Google. “It’s supposed to take the place of email.” What in the what? Nothing can ever take the place of email. That’s like saying faxes, 401(k)s and cars fueled solely by gasoline could be obsolete some day. Pishaw!

Then I read my newest Time magazine, starting at the back with Joel Stein’s column (there’s really no other way to read it) and working my way to the front. On page 48 I spied the article entitled, Wave New World written by Lev Grossman. Suddenly I had to have Wave. Had to. So what did I do? Jumped on twitter, duh!

Within 5 minutes I was invited to the wave party! I was a cool kid, just like that! Well, kinda. See, it’s hard to jump on the wave when you have four people on your contacts that also have the app. Lucky for me the guy from twitter who invited me was kind enough to talk to me and show me some features. The coolest thing to jump out? Watching while a person types in their message, backspaces over misspellings and retypes. In real freakin’ time. It reminded me of Pretty in Pink when Blane talks to Andie on the school computers and everyone was like, whut? that can’t happen. But now it can! You can even put those cute Blane and Andie photos in your wave if you want to…or YouTube vids.

The downside? I wanna share but I can’t. Google’s got a heinous backlog and isn’t sending invites at the moment. They say when they catch up they’ll start sending them out again.