sea rose


If the ghosts knew the reason why they were stuck between this world and the next Cate Harris’ life would be so much easier.

Growing up is never simple for anyone; but for smart, subdued, secretive Cate it is more complicated than most. Tragedy strikes during her last semester of high school and she’s left reeling but determined to figure out who she really is. An ordinary girl with a newly discovered extraordinary gift, she vacillates between questioning her sanity and trusting her instincts.

In Sea Rose, Cate journeys through the joys and pain of first love, the death of a loved one and coming to terms with a strange family secret.

Synopsis (partial!):

Cate Harris is just starting her last semester of high school when a set of twins move to her hometown. She meets Amanda first—a lanky, mousy, shy but sweet girl with a strange sense of style. But it is Amanda’s cute brother Nick who turns Cate’s life inside out. Nick happens to be the spitting image of a man named Christian that she met on Galveston Island last summer vacation during a historical house tour. The most startling part of this development is that the guy in Galveston is stuck in a basement—lost between this world and the next.

Cate decides to avoid the new boy while at the same time trying to learn more about him through his sister, as well as by other means. She’s determined to figure out the connection between the ghost and his look-alike.

Her avoidance of Nick becomes more difficult as he almost immediately takes an interest in Cate and her engaging emerald green eyes. He makes it clear that he is interested in moving forward with his romantic intentions. Cate eventually realizes by looking past all of the complications that she actually cares for Nick as well.

In a tragic twist of fate Cate is suddenly uprooted from the only home she’s ever known to move in with her father a half a state away. Nightmares disturb her sleep, not only waking her but imbuing her with a sense of urgency regarding Christian.

On her eighteenth birthday she travels to Galveston seeking answers as well as some sort of peace for herself. A frightening confrontation meets her in the dripping moldy basement that is much different from her experience last summer…

The incident in the basement leads to a series of events that steer her towards an ultimate realization and sets her on a course completely different from anything she ever imagined.


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