saturday seven; single mom edition



1. I’m not really a single mom. The hubs is at a nerd convention. He will return shortly.

2. I got glasses! (see pic above) Max and the girl got new glasses too. That means everyone but the animals wear some sort of vision correction in this family.

3. My hair stylist lady moved to Arizona, so I had to go to someone new last week for my annual (cringe) haircut. She was so delightful! Very young, cute and stylish. She was also very interesting even though she didn’t talk much. I’m actually glad she didn’t. First off, she couldn’t wash my hair because she had cut her finger pretty badly on her new shears. Next, when she was blow drying my hair, the end piece flew off the dryer and landed across the room. Finally, she tripped as she was trying to get an item off a cart behind her. I don’t mean to come off as mean. I thought she was a very interesting character that I may want to draw from someday. She was so endearing.

4. For knowledge addicts I recommend Quora.

Sargent Pepper Parker





5. <——This is Pepper. She loves everything and everyone.








6. Except our couch. It was old and ratty anyway.

Story Time:

7. After I clawed my way out of the book depression that Allegiant knocked me into, I moved on to lighter fare in the form of Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. It was light and airy, and I didn’t really care for the writing style. But I shall stick through the series (since it’s sort of an assignment).

Next I read the Newbery Medal winner from 1994, The Giver by Lois Lowry. It really shouldn’t have taken me this long to read it. I blame the old man on the cover and the short read (204 pages). Anyway, it was a masterfully written utopia/dystopia story that has a very interesting ending.

On deck: The Misremembered Man by Christina McKenna is set in Ireland in the mid-seventies and is about a couple of lonely folk. It sounds like a fun read, right? Well no, maybe not. But do not be deceived, the writing is great, the characters more than interesting. For example, the main male character, Jamie reminds me of a more down-to-earth, lovable Ignatius J. Reilly. Read with me, it’s free in the lending library for Amazon Prime members.

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