I was so set on “robusting” my manuscript. Hubby says what I think, that the last half needs a bit more fleshing out.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, not sure which yet, a new character came to me right before I took a nap this morning, (yes, I know, I’m a brat). I fell in love with her and what’s going to be her story. I know it sounds so freakin’ nerdy and spacy to talk that way. I guess there are other ways I could say it, but that’s how it feels. Like this little girl just walked up to me and asked me to tell her story. So now I’m all itchy to get it down before I forget her.

Jessy’s her name and she’s incredibly unlovable…because no one has loved her. She’s a fifth grader who’s smaller than everyone in her class and most fourth graders too. The rest I can’t give away in case someone steals her from me…that would be pretty hard considering I have one reader…so honey, please don’t steal Jessy.

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2 Responses to “jessy”

  1. Cody Says:

    Ok, I wont steal this character. I can’t promise I won’t steal future ones though, so watch what you post!

  2. <b>Jennifer Parker</b> Says:

    You're a gem!

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