tap tap tap

Is this thing on? Who knows if anyone will read this now that I’ve been gone from blogland for almost a full year. I tried my hand at the retail world for said year and have returned with many more bumps, bruises, tales and even muscles. Even as a part-timer that world took it’s toll and left me with very little down time (after caring for my family, of course). And unfortunately blogging, and even more sadly, writing were placed on the back burner which never got around to being turned on.

Enough with the woe is me! Time to regain the writing skills that I’m sure I’ve lost over the hiatus… And I’m so looking forward to it!


One thing I almost always have time for is reading. And I’ve done a bit of that in the last year. I finally got a smartphone.  And with it, the Kindle app, which I adore and have used more than any other feature. All this is leading up to what I read on my blog-cation. The Kindle has all kinds of free classics and I chose to read all of Jane Austen’s works. I positively lurvve historical fiction so it was a real treat to read fiction from history. On the not-so-free end of things I read The Help, Water for Elephants and In Zanesville. On the paper front, Eragon. All are worthy reads, but Austen and Kathryn Stockett’s The Help were definite faves.

Please leave a comment and let me know you’re here!

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2 Responses to “tap tap tap”

  1. Janice Schwartz Says:

    I am here! :D I have heard so many good things about those books. I mignt just have to read them one day.

  2. Lisa & Zoey Says:

    Soooooo I will ask the obvious. Can we look forward to 15 for Friday?

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