Remember when all you had to do was picture yourself in a cubicle and a job would land in  your lap? When job-hopping was a normal occurrence since companies just kept handing out more and more amounts of cash? Those were the days when recruiters would hound you until you told them I seriously seriously do not need a job and I will call the police if you don’t stop harassing me.

Um, those days are long gone. I’ve sent out my resume 10 times and no one will even email me back, let alone call. And the jobs pay less than I was making 10 years ago. And Wal-Mart doesn’t seem as cheap as it used to.

See, I was married in the mid 90′s and that’s pretty much when my adult life started and when I started caring about finances and real jobs and such. So I was definitely spoiled. You remember the mid to late 90′s, right? I was by no means rich, but there was this safety net of constant well being. Maybe I’m looking back with rose colored glasses. And I know we had hard times back then. But back then if you lost your job, you could really count on having another one very soon, with possibly better pay (which happened to my husband a few times).

And I’ve heard that Texas actually has it much better than a lot of the country. Poor rest of the country.

Rant over.

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One Response to “jobs”

  1. Sharla Says:

    Wait a sec…are you going back to work? Email me. (please)

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