fifteen for friday

TreasureCDI’m thinking about giving a theme to my Friday blog post.  It has to be just vague enough to encompass everything since I am an expert at nothing, unless you count procrastination… and it MUST have alliteration so as to be interesting enough to read.  I suppose.  There will be no guidelines, no specific rhyme or reason…just fifteen things (experiences, thoughts, or interesting things I read about) from the week.  It may suck, and it may never show up again since I naturally rebel against anything scheduled or regimented.  Here goes…

1. Reading and writing all day long is not good for the waistline so I am sitting on a big blue yoga ball.  Not really sure how this is helping anything…

2. Quality is MUCH better than quantity when it comes to friends.  Someone who will spend the time to figure out how to get her fist pic in a link for your blog is a TRUE friend.

3. My song of the week: I’m Not Here from the Treasure Planet soundtrack.  Listened to it many times this week, so naturally I will hate it next week.

4. I bet Johnny Rzeznick never gets his name spelled correctly.

5. Too much fun is not good for kids.  They turn into little monsters if you let them get too worn out.

6. Husbands don’t like it all that much when you blog about them catching the house on fire.

7. Starting a sequel is hard when you decided not to write down all your ideas (thought there was no way I could possibly forget–then I went to sleep) for it when writing the first.  Lesson learned.

8. Online chats can be more fun than frustrating if it’s with the right people in the right forum.

9. Monkey hula shirts are sooo cute.

slipnslide 008

10. You can use a slip ‘n slide without knocking the wind out of your lungs.  At least my kids can.

11. Writers are some of the nicest, most helpful, supportive professionals.  As a newbie, I expected to be ignored for awhile.  Every writer’s blog that I’ve commented on has been replied to.  Great advice has been given, and these people are published! :)

12. House of Grey is a totally rad  podiobook.  It’s up for several Parsec awards…Way to go Collin and Chris!!!

13. Even the biggest celebrities are mortal…yet immortal when they leave behind piqued imaginations, new ideas and an example of either how or how not to live life.

14. I won the Dad lottery.

15. Funny or thoughtful?  I vote for funny, although thoughtful can be nice….no….funny.  By the way, I ditched the yoga ball 8 numbers ago.

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2 Responses to “fifteen for friday”

  1. Sharla Says:

    I’ll see your fifteen, and raise you…

    1. Studying all day is also not good for the waist line. However, I can only use that as an excuse for this past year.

    2. :-) :-) I promise I’m not trying to punch you!

    3. My song of the week = Theme song from Phineas and Ferb. I’m currently “trying” to change the words to fit our family summer exploits.

    4. I don’t know who Johnny Rzeznick is.

    5. I honestly believe Matthew could stay up all night long if I let him. I will not let him.

    6. Wives don’t like it all that much when husbands catch the house on fire.

    7. I’m excited for your sequel, even though I haven’t finished the first installment yet!!!!

    8. The last time I chatted online with someone I ended up dating a guy from Nebraska for 2 1/2 years.

    9. Would you like me to buy you a monkey hula shirt?

    10. Slip n’ slide looks painful.

    11. Writers are some of the nicest, most helpful, supportive people…at least the one I know is!

    12. Never heard of House of Grey either. Is it worth checking out? Do I need fancy technology to partake?

    13. I would hate to live and die with the whole world watching.

    14. No, I won the Dad lottery.

    15. Funny AND thoughtful – like you!

  2. JLeigh Says:

    Johnny Rzeznik (I spelled it wrong the first time-go figure) is the lead singer of the GooGoo Dolls and he was the one who sings my current song of the week. How is chapter 5 going by the way??? ;) I did not know about your online dating history…this is very interesting indeed and may require further explanation. I don’t need a monkey hula shirt when my baby has one. I really hope that you would be unable to find one in an adult size. awwww…. Check out the House of Grey, all you need is a computer! No I won the Dad lottery. You awesomely rad.

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