new moon


All of us at Kirsten's house before the event

Picture it- the AMC in downtown Ft. Worth – two rows of maturish women (all who know each other) and Jacob Black’s abs. Why would you want to visualize this scene? I don’t know…let’s break it down.

1. We all rode in a parking garage elevator together and the cables didn’t break.

2. Amber wore popcorn within the first 10 minutes of being seated.

3. It felt like a premiere with all the camera flashes.

4. Kirsten let me pose.

5. We collectively held our breath the first time Jacob lost his shirt.

6. We weren’t allowed to discuss the movie until we arrived at our dessert destination.

7. When we were finally allowed to open the floodgates we analyzed every portion of the movie.

8. The consensus on my side of the table: New Moon was better than Twilight, they all took acting lessons, Bella’s mannerisms still tweak us a bit but not as much as last time, the chemistry between Bella and Jacob was excellent (and we’re all team Edward at heart), it was rude of the director to strip Edward’s shirt off AFTER we saw Jake’s bare tum.

9. I’m sure there’s much more (we hung out for a couple of hours after the fact)…but that’s the gist.

More musings on twilight–read about my odd obsession.

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3 Responses to “new moon”

  1. Allison Smith Says:

    Love Love Love the list! Especially number 8!!!! Bella blinked so much in the first movie it drove me NUTS! I actually had liked the movie…Twilight….but then again, I didn’t read the books till after I saw thr movie….& yep, read all four books in two days. My house was a wreck & I wasn’t even close to being a mom those two days….but I couldn’t put them down…but don’t call CPS yet…I read them on a weekend so my husband was home & able to attend to the kids in my mental absence. :)

    And it was so very mean of the director to rip Edwards shirt off after the ,oh so wonderful, view of Jacobs..drool on my shirt abs appeared across that big screen!!! And yes, I find it disturbing to myself that I would be drooling when the boy is half my age…yet…that’s another post! Oh& yea…go Team Edward!!!!!!

  2. Kirsten Says:

    It was such a fun night and your list makes me laugh each time I read it! We’ve got to plan more get-togethers and GNO events!

  3. Sharla Says:

    What a great picture! Sure do miss you guys!

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