night to day

Night to Day

Night to Day

When the kids draw with crayons or markers or when they paint I advise them to “fill the whole page with color”.  For one child this is to prevent 15 pages of paper with a single line of scribble done in under five minutes.  For another it’s to bring the very best out of him.  When you write do you know what brings the very best out of you, or are you just writing to prevent scribble?  How do you determine which is which?

My immediate response is experimentation.  Maybe seat-of-the-pants writing is what comes easiest to me, just as a scribbled line is easiest for a child.  Maybe this outline thing deserves a chance.  Who knows?  Maybe what comes from it is something greater than what I think I can do.  The trade off is time, of course, something which is in short supply as a wife and mother.  And then the joy of writing unencumbered is put off for a time.  (I’ve determined that I’m not at all a good multi-tasker.)

If you are also facing these questions, below is a link that may help you determine what to do next.  It is an excerpt from a blog titled “The Writer’s Roundabout” which is written by Rebecca Laffar-Smith.  It is part two in a series about seat of the pants writing vs. planning and discusses the pros and cons of each.

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2 Responses to “night to day”

  1. Jim Says:

    “For one child this is to prevent 15 pages of paper with a single line of scribble …”

    Gee, this sounds like my writing some days. :)

    I know I’m on the right track with a story idea when the words come to me faster than I can type them. This doesn’t mean what I write is good, or that it ends up in the final version, but I know I definitely have something worth working on.

  2. Jen Says:

    ha ha ha, good thing we mostly write on computers now. I’ll bet the pub. industry was directly as well as indirectly a big player in the demise of trees back in the day.

    I love the spill, when everything comes out at once and you can hardly keep up. Sometimes I make notes so I don’t forget part of what I want to write before I can get to it. Wish that happened more often, but I suppose I should be happy that it happens to me at all.

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