summerandfacebook-006Why do I feel it necessary to check my facebook page everyday (and by everyday I mean several times a day)?  If I’m perfectly honest with myself it’s because I want to know what people are doing that I can comment about. Then I want to see how people react to those comments. Coming up with snappy things to type into the “What’s on your mind?” text box is practically an obsession.

My rules are few, but must be followed to perfection: nothing too negative, no swearing and most definitely nothing too personal. That last one can be hard when I find myself online at 2:00 in the morning due to a lack of sleepiness. By golly, I’m glad I don’t drink…who knows what would end up on my page if that were the case. For a brief moment I thought about googling ‘drunk facebook’ for research. I changed my mind when I realized that there was no valid reason for me to suffer.

The initial draw to facebook seems to be finding every last person that you’ve ever said more than five words to. For me this number seems to hover around 110. For a few people I know, the “friend list” reaches near a thousand. These people tend to be younger than myself by at least ten years. I guess I’m picky…if I really don’t know you I won’t confirm you.

Just think about Johnny Spasmodic from the first grade—you know, that red-headed kid with freckles on his entire face and teeth missing in all the right places—that you had a crush on. Fast-forward twenty-five years and you find out through the virtual grapevine that Johnny has gone off the grid in more ways than one and in one pal’s photo album you find he’s still missing those same teeth. Johnny may be a perfectly nice person, but do you really know him? Do you really want to, especially since he lives in Alaska in a converted fishing boat? Maybe you do, and if you do, you and I differ a great deal.

I do like checking in on a few old high school friends, church friends old and new, and my family. I’m also starting to find that using it for promoting myself and my work can be somewhat helpful. It’s a limited usefulness, but it lets people see who I am and a little of what I’m about. All in all I’d say that having a facebook page won’t make you but it certainly could break you. Proceed with caution my friends. ;)

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