smoosh mouth “pose”

smoosh 004Every once in a while a current phenomenon pops into my consciousness and starts to take over much more of my brain power than it should.  I mean, I only have so much of this grey matter that I have control over…so when I start thinking about origins of the word “snap” and if I, as a thirty-something woman (well, more like a girl) could get away with using it in  my everyday language…well, that is just a waste of time.

This happens much more than you think it would.  It sounds sort of niche, right?  If you’d read my about page (ahem, *clears throat*) you’d know that I work with teenagers, girls more specifically.  This means I’m privy to all kinds of useful as well as useless fads and slang.  Most notably, the term beast (or beastly).  Did you know that means awesome, only something more awesome than awesome?  It’s usage is reserved for the very coolest of cool things, such as Amelia making a B on her final…that was beastly.  I promised to only use the term once and I’m pretty sure it would get caught in my throat if I actually tried to say it out loud.

I mention all of the above to introduce the current thing that is taking up way too much time in my head.  So much, in fact, that I had to pull out my camera and test it for myself.  I don’t know the correct term for this new way of posing for cameras, so I will just call it the smoosh mouth pose.  The pic above and to the left is my lame attempt at said pose.  I just can’t get the eyes right.  I’m ashamed to say that I’ve deleted at least a dozen pics of myself testing the look.  I’m supposed to have an “I dare you to come hither” look on my face, squinty eyes to go along with the smooshy mouth.

I guess I’ll stick with a smile.smoosh 007 Sis gave me an idea…send me your best attempt at a smoosh mouth pic with a comment if’n ya can.

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4 Responses to “smoosh mouth “pose””

  1. Cody Says:

    Other attempts to be cool with the smoosh face:

  2. JLeigh Says:

    Lovessss it! hilarious!

  3. Sharla Says:

    This one I cannot help you with…but yours looks B-U-TIFUL! I can, however, think of someone we both know who is a master of this pose. Any guesses?

  4. JLeigh Says:

    yeah, i know someone, but are we thinking of the same person???

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