there’s never enough


During the school year I liked to write during the day.  This is understandable considering the fact that I was the only person at home.  If I didn’t feel like stopping to make lunch, I didn’t have to.  There were hours and hours, six and a half of them, in fact, that I had free and clear to do with what I pleased…for the most part.  Now it’s the beginning 0f the sixth week of summer vacation and those free hours are long gone.  I don’t even try to write during the day anymore.  I haven’t yet mastered the art of working on a project in five minute stints.  Cause that’s about the amount of time I would get before it’s snack time or lunch time or break-up-the-same-fight-that’s-been-had-every-day-for-the-last-month time.

So my production has slowed quite a bit since my natural inclination after the kids have stopped popping up for water and lullabys–is to fall stoopid on the couch and veg out to one mindless show or another (my current faves are King of the Hill and Malcolm in the Middle).  That’s why it’s taken me a coupla weeks to write a short story…which has now stretched past my first limit of 5,000 words.  Lately I’ve been wondering if it might turn into one of those cute little novella things.

I was having trouble finding an ending for a little while.  I finally got it, typed it up in short hand at he end of what I’ve already written and now I’m just waiting to finish it properly.  Normally I wouldn’t even worry about finding the ending before it just came to me.  It was the whole word limit thing that forced that one.

That’s another thing I’ve been thinking about lately.  If anyone ever asks me for an outline I’d be in trouble.  My stories aren’t planned, they just happen…kinda like the rest of my life.  I seriously don’t know what I’m going to write about until I sit down with pencil and spiral, or keyboard and monitor and start writing.  I’ve tried thinking a story out first and nothing happens.  You’d think this method would cause a lot of re-writes, but it hasn’t yet so I’m thinking about sticking with it, especially since I don’t have any other choice.  If anyone out there has that same quirk drop me a line, it would be nice to know that I’m not alone.  Or, just let me know what your odd writing quirk is…

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2 Responses to “there’s never enough”

  1. Jennifer VanSchoyck Says:

    I can think on my story while I am doing other things, but not major things, I too will get nothing if I try to do that.

    But my new thing that I have just started doing, to try to combat my internal editor and my perfectionist problem that was keeping me from writing at all is this: When I sit down to write I write it the way I think it, no quotation marks no proper paragraphs, I do not go back and read what I wrote, when I am finished and hit my goal for the day I will skim over ONLY looking for those sqiggly lines that alerts of a typo or fragmented sentance, I correct those then save.

    I have a daily goal of 500 words. Today is day six! I have written over 500 words every single day. I am up to 4017 as of last night. I like yourself have kids home on summer vacation(ARGHHH) and am finding it is easier for me to write while they are outside playing (although we have had rainstorms for the past three 3days) or just wait until they are in bed.

    I had several of your 15 posts open that I was going to comment on, but since I have already taken so much space here I will just sum up what I was going to say on these, right here.

    I too love Disney shows, I too was really looking forward to the Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana, LOVED Princess Protection Program, and Another Cinderella Story. Can’t wait to see The Wizards of Waverly Place movie, and I LOVE iCarly…isn’t Spencer just the BEST!!!!!!!!

    I listen to Disney star songs with my headphones on at my desk while I am working!!

    I love it when I find other parents who enjoy the “kid stuff” too!

    So Sorry I went on so long LOL

  2. JLeigh Says:

    Thanks for stopping by Jennifer. You didn’t write too much, I love reading comments! I like the whole idea of a daily goal, I guess at this point I’m a little too chicken to take the challenge.

    I’m glad to find yet another mommy who likes the Disney stuff…and I too am waiting anxiously for the Wizards movie. Oh, and Spencer is too too funny….

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