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new moon

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

All of us at Kirsten's house before the event

Picture it- the AMC in downtown Ft. Worth – two rows of maturish women (all who know each other) and Jacob Black’s abs. Why would you want to visualize this scene? I don’t know…let’s break it down.

1. We all rode in a parking garage elevator together and the cables didn’t break.

2. Amber wore popcorn within the first 10 minutes of being seated.

3. It felt like a premiere with all the camera flashes.

4. Kirsten let me pose.

5. We collectively held our breath the first time Jacob lost his shirt.

6. We weren’t allowed to discuss the movie until we arrived at our dessert destination.

7. When we were finally allowed to open the floodgates we analyzed every portion of the movie.

8. The consensus on my side of the table: New Moon was better than Twilight, they all took acting lessons, Bella’s mannerisms still tweak us a bit but not as much as last time, the chemistry between Bella and Jacob was excellent (and we’re all team Edward at heart), it was rude of the director to strip Edward’s shirt off AFTER we saw Jake’s bare tum.

9. I’m sure there’s much more (we hung out for a couple of hours after the fact)…but that’s the gist.

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punky mcpunkerton

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

If anyone has a specific question about writing queries, ask away and I’ll point you in the right direction…but for now I’m a little tired of the subject.  Yes, I know that I said that this week would be devoted to queries, but it’s my blog.  Most of the week was about queries anyway.

I ran across this link on Twitter.  It’s about the different sorts of “fill-in-the-blank punk” types there are.  How can there be so many sub-genres in a sub-genre?  It’s all speculative fiction anyway, right?  Why is it necessary to divide it up into so many pieces?  On the glass half full side, the article made for some pretty funny comments such as striker7770 who said, “you cant just take books and add punk to that, or else we would be living in earthpunk eating baconpunk while reading twlightpunk”.

Well said striker…well said.

On a completely unrelated note I’m a little freaked out right now that I’m enjoying a Jonas Bros. song on the Disney channel. **shuddering**

fifteen for friday 7/31/09

Friday, July 31st, 2009


1.  Why is there a klingon at twicon?  Just wondering.

2.  So very excited to read Jackson Pearce’s brand spankin’ new novel, As You Wish.  More about that on next weeks blog!

3.  Another D-list blogger (that’s a good thing) and a spectacular writer, Cindy Fey.

4.  Yesterday it didn’t hit 90 degrees.  In Texas.  In July.  This is amazing.

5.  YA Fresh…an ahem, fresh cool site for YA lovers.

6.  Daughter’s Forget Me Nots…growing!forgetmenots

7.  We’re almost halfway there, can you believe it?!

8.  Five weeks down.  Just three more to go!

9.  I really do have A LOT to talk about…but too much more than I can put in my fifteen so you have to stay tuned for next week’s blog!

10. Seriously getting into Firefly.  We didn’t catch it the first time around so we’re watching it through Netflix.  I like this way much better, no commercials and if you can’t wait for the next epi, no worries!

11. Oh!  I had this cool/strange/funny dream where Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie stole my car and a bunch of my stuff…like they need or want MY STUFF?!

12. The central library in Ft. Worth (downtown-on 3rd st.) is really neat.  The kids section has rocking chairs and other items for kids to play with while they explore the books.  Highly reccommended.

13. Read Sarah Dessen‘s novel, Someone Like You last night.  I’m enjoying her writing more and more.

14. I wish I’d had the nerve to take a pic of that klingon.  He was huge.

15. K, I’m gonna go read now…ttyl!

strange twilight voodoo

Monday, June 29th, 2009


I don’t remember when I first heard about the Twilight series.  I just know that it was after the last book, Breaking Dawn came out.  I kept hearing tidbits here and there, all of my friends had read them.  I had to ask my friend Ess about it when I finally realized that this might be a series I would enjoy.  All in all, I think it was better that way…no endless waiting for the next book to come out…the whole series was just waiting to be read.  And read it I did.  I went back to the bookstore 3 times in one week to get my next fix.

So I was really excited when I found out that the movie was still in the theater once I finished.  I dragged my husband along.  We were lucky, I found out later, many had to endure teeny-bopping screams each time Edward showed up on the screen.  My experience was much quieter than that.  I know this is blasphemy to many, but the first thing I thought when I saw Edward was, “is that the best they could do?”  Rob Pattinson has grown on me since, but I was fairly disappointed at first.

I was a little stunned as I left the theater.  Some of the stunts had been so goofy I had  to stifle a laugh more than once.  It just didn’t look or feel right.  Bella was okay, but I still can’t get over her incredibly weird “thank you” in the hospital corridor.  I lamented to my husband who had been so nice that he didn’t tell me what he really thought until I made it clear that I thoroughly did not enjoy the flick.

This is not the reason I’m writing this so many months later.  That would be because of the strange attraction I have to the thing.  My husband asked me, when I came home with the deluxe 3 disk edition DVD, why, if I disliked the movie so did I buy it?  I could not put the reason into words.  I watched all of the extras before I started up the actual movie and they were really good.  Then I watched the film and wondered to myself, why did I buy the thing?  It’s not because I have enough money to buy every movie that comes out.  After that showing, I thought I was done with it.  I was wrong.  The urge came a couple of weeks later when I was having trouble sleeping.  Twilight cured my insomnia that night…and a couple more after that.  It’s dark, and quiet, a nice thing to go to sleep to.  Last week I woke up just in time for the prom scene in the gazebo at the end.  I thought I’d found the reason then.  It was beautiful, tragic and magical.  I checked the same scene out a coupla days later when I was wide awake.  It didn’t have the same effect.  So here I sit, months after I bought the thing, I’ve seen it more than I’ve seen any movie (except The Sound of Music, don’t ask) and I still have no idea why I like it or keep going back to it.

So will I watch New Moon when it comes out?  Like I told my husband right after we saw Twilight in the theater, “I can’t wait to see it, it has to be better than that.”